Julius Stone-1909
At Expedition Island in Green River

An Ohio millionaire and no stranger to the river, Julius Stone wanted to duplicate Major Powell’s run down the Green and Colorado Rivers. Stone even went to Washington to meet with the aging Powell. Major Powell, however, was jealous of his achievements and refused to help Stone.

Undaunted, Stone hired Than Galloway to travel to Ohio and build the boats. Stone had floated Glen Canyon on the Colorado River with Galloway in 1899 and the two had become friends.

On September 12th, 1909 the Stone-Galloway party launched from Green River, Wyoming. A local man, Mr. Morris, had let them use his barn to organize their gear and gave Stone a bottle of rye whiskey in case of an accident. Twenty five years later, Stone still had the bottle, unopened!

The party included Stone, Galloway, C.C. Sharp, Seymour Dubendorff, and Raymond Cogswell. Arriving in Needles, California on November 19th, 1909, the men made the entire journey in less than two months, the fastest descent of the rivers and canyons at the time.

Julius Stone’s reason for floating the Green River was significant, he had no other motive than to seek the experience itself - which made him the first paying tourist on the river.

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