Corbett Dam
7 miles northeast of Cody on U.S. Highway 14A

The Corbett Dam diverts water from the Shoshone River into the Corbett Tunnel, a three-and-a-half-mile-long concrete-lined structure. The tunnel transports the water into the Garland Canal, which is the irrigation artery for the Garland and Frannie divisions of the Project. Water first flowed through the tunnel on April 27, 1908. Nearly 50,800 acres are irrigated by the waters carried through this system.

The dam is located 16 miles downstream from Buffalo Bill Dam and the storage reservoir, which supplies all the water for irrigation of the project.

Project History
On February 10, 1904, the Secretary of the Interior set aside $2,250,000 for the initial construction of the Shoshone Project, one of the first federal reclamation projects in the nation, and the largest federal project in Wyoming. The Project was settled in four divisions: the Garland in 1907, Frannie in 1917, the Willwood in 1927 and finally, Heart Mountain in 1846.

Today, the Project comprises 93,000 acres. Major crops are alfalfa hay, sugar beets, dry edible beans, malting barley and specialty crops.

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