Pop. 1,447 Elev. 5,015

As the county seat of the least populous county in Wyoming, Lusk contains over half of the people living in Niobrara County. Each person in the county is matched by 524 acres of land. The oil industry once created a boom and bust cycle around here, but the town has returned to its agricultural roots to thrive. The economy has also been boosted by an influx of retail, service, and governmental employers.

Named for Frank Lusk, an early rancher who donated land for the town to be established, Lusk was once a stop on the Cheyenne Deadwood Stage Line. It is also close to the Texas Trail, a route commonly used by cattle ranchers moving stock from Texas to Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas to take advantage of the open range. Ranching continues to be one of the area’s primary economic bases, as well as oil production and dry farming.

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