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The Uinta County Seat was named for James A. Evans, a railroad surveyor and engineer. The town was established in 1869. Sarah Bernhardt was once stranded here when a landslide delayed the train heading west. Downtown, the restored old Evanston Depot was once among the finest stopovers on the Transcontinental Railroad. As a result of the abundance of Chinese immigrants who came to work on the railroad, part of Evanston became a Chinatown. This was a gathering place for Chinese from all around Wyoming, until it was destroyed by fire in the 1920s.

Now that the railroad’s glory days are past, Evanston has a more pedestrian quality. In addition to being the site of the State Mental Institution, Evanston claims agriculture, oil, mining, and logging as central to its economy. It is beginning to welcome tourism with a decent sampling of restaurants, shops, and activities. An excellent recreation center, golf course, cross-country ski trails, horseback riding, and other activities and adventures are available to entertain visitors.

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