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Originally dubbed Smith’s Fork, for the nearby river, this town was officially settled in 1874. The year before, in 1873, mountain man Tilford Kutz and his Indian wife had dwelt alone here, running a small ferry and trading post which catered to travelers on their way west. When pristine coal was found nearby, it was renamed Cokeville, for the highly refined form of carbon they could derive from it, called coke. Coke is made from carbonization of coal, and its byproducts include oven gas, ammonia, and tar. Coke fuel is extremely clean burning, and is used in both industry and modern home heating systems.

Cokeville is situated in a fertile valley, overlooked by majestic Rocky Point Mountain, which is ideal rangeland for livestock. By the turn of the twentieth century, it became known as the "sheep capital of the world," and ranching was it’s dominant resource. It was said to have the highest number of millionaires per capita of any place in the world in 1900. In addition to the draw of big money, many outlaws found Cokeville a convenient location due to its easy access to Idaho and Utah, which made outrunning the short arm of the State law easier.

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