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Founded in 1897, Thermopolis is a name derived from the Latin thermae (meaning hot spring) and the Greek polis (meaning city). With the world’s largest natural hot spring, running at 2575 gallons per minute at a consistent 135 degrees Fahrenheit, the town grew quickly as people were drawn to the therapeutic waters. The Shoshone and other Native Americans had appreciated its healing properties for generations, and called it the "smoking waters". This was once sacred ground, and part of the Wind River Reservation when it was first established. Shoshone Chief Washakie and Arapaho chief Sharp Nose, as part of efforts to make peace with the white men, made a portion of the waters available for public use. Washakie Fountain commemorates this "Gift of the Waters".

Photo: Aerial View of Thermopolis, Richard Coffenberry, RAC Digital Photography in Thermopolis

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