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Lovell is known as the "City of Roses" for its renowned late citizen, Dr. William Horsely (d. 1971), who spent a lifetime cultivating the flower, becoming one of the nation’s foremost authorities. The town honors his memory with a brilliant display of roses all over the place every summer, near homes and businesses. It’s a quiet town, with the lowest crime rate in Wyoming. Still, Lovell has seen its share of booms and busts with the discovery of natural gas and oil in the area. The persistence of agricultural concerns has provided some stability, and a sugar beet factory and gypsum plant also contribute to the economy.

The Lovell area was originally part of the large ML Ranch, founded in 1880 by Anthony Mason and Henry Clay Lovell. By the turn of the century, several Mormon pioneers and German emigrants had come to the area to homestead, and were part of the irrigation project (the Sidon Canal) which made the Bighorn Basin flourish. In 1920, a glass factory was established, which later burned down. During the 1930s, Lovell was known for its brick and tile production.

While driving through town, note the solar powered street lights that line the main thoroughfare through town.

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