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The map is a view of the grounds of Fort Laramie National Historic Site. The buildings whose outlines are in heavy black have been restored and refurnished to a particular period in the history of the Fort. These buildings are open to Fort vistors during the day.

Buildings number 1 and number 11 are restored, but not refurnished to a historical period. They are the Old Commissary that houses the Vistor Center and the 1876 Guardhouse that contains artillery pieces and military transport vehicles.

Buildings whose outlines are gray are ruins with standing walls but no restoration. Several officer’s residences, the Post Hospital, and the 1885 Administration Building may be viewed as ruins. Foundations (number 12) mark the locations of barracks along the Parade Ground.

Click on a section of the map to learn more about the feature. Not all numbers are active links. Pausing over a number will also tell you what the site is. The information will open in a new page so you can easily return to this page. If the map isn't working click here.

Map & information provided by the National Park Service
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