Fort Laramie 1890-Present

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Life continued at Fort Laramie after the 1890 public auction. The old post was homesteaded by three local families and the fort remained the social and economic center of the area’s civilian community.

In 1900, a rail line was built on the north side of the North Platte River, and a new community was established, taking the name “Fort Laramie.” As the town grew, the importance of the old fort declined, and time took its toll on the remaining structures. A few early visionaries recognized the historic importance of Fort Laramie. In 1937, their preservation efforts convinced the state of Wyoming to purchase 214 acres and the old post’s surviving buildings. Since 1938, the National Park Service has preserved and interpreted this historic site.

We hold the past in trust for the future. Thanks to the far-sighted preservation efforts of a few concerned citizens, Fort Laramie is as alive today with visitors, researchers, staff, and neighbors as it ever was as a trading post, emigrant way station, fort, and homestead center. They saved this place for us, we must save it for the future.

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