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I shall be visiting Wyoming later this year, and this book (and its accompanying website) has proved to be invaluable in planning my trip. Everything you'll ever need to know about the state is here - maps, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and much more. I particularly like the detailed histories of the various Wyoming towns that are included - not something that you'll find in the usual guide books. I'd definitely recommend this book to anybody planning to visit Wyoming, and even if you're not planning a visit but are just interested in the state it is still well worth reading. -a reader from the United Kingdom

This book has all the information you could possibly need if you were travelling to Wyoming and my husband is thrilled we bought it. The maps inside are great, but since we prefer the larger ones, we will get them for free from the Wyoming visitor's bureau. If you're travelling to Wyoming, this is a definite must have and a one-stop source for all your information and travel needs. -C. Bletcher, Lancaster PA

This book has everything about the whole state of Wyoming. I has been useful for information to the surrounding town near Yellowstone for me. I believe I can say the information is almost endless, the book is large, so lots of info. - K. Saxe, USA

Amazing, comprehensive resource! This book is well organized and holds a plethora of information. It includes detailed city street maps as well as regional maps. There is plenty of information about recreational activities throughout Wyoming. . . .Our family is going out west this coming summer with Yellowstone as the focal point. We have 2 or three other books on National Parks and Wyoming - had I bought this book first, I wouldn't have needed the others. -N. E. Smith, Northern Virginia, USA

This truly is THE ultimate book about Wyoming!!! After browsing through The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia, I decided to check out what The Ultimate Wyoming book had to offer. As a Wyoming native, I was skeptical that this book could tell me anything I hadn't already learned during my 18 years of residence/travel there. Was I ever wrong, though. This book is absolutely INCREDIBLE and is a traveler's dream! The guide is chock full of interesting tid-bits about the state; history about individuals, places, and dates that shaped WY into what it is today; and food, lodging, camping, shopping, adventure, and attraction guides pointing travelers to some of the best places to visit, rest, and eat. Want to know if there's a child menu available at the restaurant you're thinking of going to? Just check out the dining reference for quick facts about every possible eatery found in town...from fast food to fine dining. For an outdoor adventure, check out any of the numerous pages describing hikes, fishing areas, etc. You name it, it's here.

Another great feature is the weather information listed for many of the state's towns. Wyoming's weather can be unpredictable, but this simple information can make trip planning a breeze no matter what month it happens to be.

Since the book is divided into sections with specific locator numbers assigned to each town/destination/attraction, it is extremely easy to use. While some guidebooks may provide maps of the state's largest cities (i.e. Cheyenne or Casper), this book doesn't discriminate. If a place has something to offer travelers, a user-friendly street map is provided.

With great color photos in the book's first few pages as well as several other shots capturing Wyoming's diverse landscape/features, this book has it all! I can't imagine finding any other guidebook with so much detailed information. I highly recommend this book to anyone planning an extended trip to Wyoming, to those just passing through, and to any Wyoming resident simply interested in learning more about his/her wonderful state! -Kristin E. Hill, Bozeman, MT

This book is worth every penny. Don't just think about ordering a copy....get one!!! Ten Stars!!!! — a reader from Brainerd, MN

For any traveler discovering Montana, passing through or even natives, this book is a must. — a reader from Moorhead, MN

This book has it all! — a reader from Columbia Falls, MT

The amount of information they pack in here is incredible. . . .I honestly can’t think of anything they could have added. While the other books just focus on the tourist highlights, and even leave out some parts of the state, this book leaves nothing out. It is packed with all sorts of roadside attractions and even includes the text of every highway historic marker. — a reader from Twin Falls, Idaho

In any case whether you're traveling from Alzada to Zortman, or Glacier to Yellowstone, or Scobey to the Monida pass, or just hitting the highlights as you speed through on Interstate 90, "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Guide" makes an excellent traveling companion and earns the space you give it behind the seat of the truck, in the glove box, the map pocket or under the seat. An excellent find. — a reader from Livingston, MT

All I can say is, if you're even thinking of visiting Montana, you would be frankly dumb not to have a copy of this book. — a reader from Sioux City, Iowa

A truly priceless book, and I highly recommend it to anyone even thinking of going to Montana. — a reader from Oakland, CA

If you're even thinking about going to Montana, this is a must buy. I have traveled to most states and as a result have a fairly large accumulations of travel guides. I have to say, this is probably one of the best I have seen. — a reader from Chicago, IL

Anyone planning a trip to Montana would be just plain stupid to not get a copy of this. — a reader from Torrance, CA

This book is awesome! — a reader from Memphis, TN

We found this book at a gas stop and it was like getting a Montana native in our car that knew every gas stop, place to eat, and place to stay. We're already planning a trip back there next summer, and will probably use this book until it falls apart in planning the trip.— a reader from Indianapolis, IN

It WAS a GREAT BOOK! The maps, the dining areas, the lodging, what's happened or what's happenings, all the "little" towns, the articles, scenic places, historical events...What more could you look for!!! — a reader from Dubuque, IA

I found your book on Montana in Costco and what a great book!!! Didn't use any of the other 5 books I took on my vacation about Montana. Great job!! Only wish we had one like it in Colorado. — a reader from Denver, CO


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